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Excellence is about far more than just products and services. It’s about fully understanding the needs and objectives of each of our clients and consistently providing finite attention to detail.
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A Message From the President

Things have changed quite a bit over the past 54 years. What started as a small, family-owned company from rural Manitoba, which has now grown into a trusted nationwide organization dedicated to connecting Canadians. With that said, some things haven’t changed. The values we’ve upheld over the years, continue with Prairie Mobile today – to provide exceptional standards of customer service, and our commitment to keep pace with the demands of the ever-changing digital world. It is with these guiding principles that we continue to grow our Prairie Mobile Group of companies. 

Prairie Mobile continues to offer the most comprehensive and innovative solutions in the wireless communications market. In the spirit of evolving to provide these solutions for our customers, we welcome WTS, Caltronics, WCI Whyte Communications and KELCOM into the Prairie Mobile Group of companies. With these three new brands and more than 26 locations across Canada under our belt, we are eager to expand our capabilities that are driven by our customers' needs. Going forward, we will continue to provide exceptional products and services backed by a strong service offering that has been the cornerstone of Prairie Mobile Communications. 

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